By Mike Hall, May 24, 2020

While watching episode 9 of The Last Dance, Reggie Miller of The Indiana Pacers was interviewed and spoke about the amazing Champion’s DNA of Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls.

A Champion’s DNA.

Did Michael and his mates really possess this at birth or was it created in the crucible of hard fought playoff series’ games against teams that wrestled as much as played basketball?

I think it was the stiff competition that created the contagious competitive fire to win six championships.

Do you have A Champion’s DNA?

Maybe you’ve heard of Amy Brockerstette and Stephen Wampler. Perhaps you have not.

Most assuredly they both possess this trait to the max.

So…if you want to develop this competitive strength and will to do your best, just watch Wampler’s Ascent on Amazon Prime and the brief video of Amy by doing a search on this blog of Amazing Amy.

It will serve you well to Be like Amy or Be like Stephen when tennis resumes and you are down in a hotly contested match…or when the pandemic seems to knock you to the floor.

I’d encourage you to Be like Mike but that cat was a one of a kind.


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